10 Clever Picture Books You Need On Your Shelf

We have a few obsessions in this household, including coffee, essential oils, and all things bookish.  Picture books to be more specific.  I think reading with your kids is one of the most important things you can do with them from the time they are newborns and as long as they will let you! I believe it truly creates a connection between you and instills memories in your little ones that will hold on to and pass on with their children.  

I wanted to share with you 10 picture books that I think everyone needs right now!  My twins love when we read together, and these are just a few of our favorites!  I hope you find a new book on this list to add to your collection too!

1.  I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn/Illustrated by Julia Denos.  First of all, Julia is one of our favorite illustrators, so the pictures alone are gorgeous.  This is a story about growing up and holding on to your favorite memories, in particular, a dress.  Throughout the story, the dress goes through different changes until the only thing left of it is a good memory.  It's a great way to help kids adjust to change.  Purchase this book here

2.  The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin. This is the sweet rhyming story of all of the things we parents think about when we look at our children.  The illustrations are soft and timeless, and it always makes a great baby shower gift that I give often!  Purchase this book here!

3.  Cali & Capri and the Bubble Gum Tree by Nikkee Vincent (that's me!)/Illustrated by Shelly Gudino-Thomas.  This is a story that came to life right before our eyes!  It's a rhyming tale that teaches kids (and adults) about why we shouldn't litter, and why it's important to take care of our planet, but in a silly and quirky way that kids will understand.  You're sure to get a giggle out of your kids when you read this together! Purchase this book here!

4.  Chloe, instead by Micah Player.  We absolutely love a good story with bold colors! In this book, Molly dreams of having a sister who is just like her, but she ends up getting Chloe, instead.  These sisters seem to be completely opposite, until Molly learns to appreciate the differences they have.  This book would be great for little ones who need a little convincing of what fun siblings can be.  Purchase this book here!

5.  What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada/Illustrated by Mae Besom.  This is a story that I truly love reading with my kiddos.  This is a clever story about a child who helps bring his idea into the world.  It teaches us that even though our ideas may seem too big, too different, or too odd, we should all welcome our ideas and feed them, give them space to grow and see what happens!  Purchase this book here!

6.  The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner.  I die over the watercolor illustrations in this book! Also, how can you not fall in love with a bear named Norris?  Norris has been waiting patiently for the last ripe fruit to fall from the tree, but what he doesn't realize, is that so have Violet the mouse and Tulip the raccoon.  When the fruit finally falls, Norris decides to share it and he makes 2 new friends in the process.  This is a perfect story to teach one of life's first lessons-sharing!  Purchase this book here!

7.  The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires.  We love us some Ashley Spires at our house.  This book is about a girl and her dog, who is her best friend.  She has an idea and decides she is going to make the most magnificent thing! But after many tries, her idea doesn't come together as easily as she thought it would, and eventually the little girls gets angry! So she takes a break and comes back and is able to get her project just right.  It's great for anyone with a "perfectionist" on their hands!  Purchase this book here!

8.  Journey by Aaron Becker. I am a huge fan of books without words, but I didn't used to be.  This book changed my mind about that!  The story takes you on a journey with a lonely little girl who draws a door on her bedroom wall and through it she escapes into a world of wonder, danger and adventure! With her red marker in hand, she creates everything she needs to get her safely back home.  Purchase this book here!

9.  I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal/Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.  These 2 make such a great team, they actually have several books that they have teamed up for, and we love them all.  This book brings out all of the feels when I read it.  It's a story about all of the things that parents wish for their kids, from wishes of wonder to wishes of friendship.  It's such a sweet and touching story that you will end up reading over and over.  Purchase this book here!

10.  Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color by Julia Denos.  If you have any blooming artists in your family, then you need this book in your house.  The colors and illustrations in this book will make you swoon!  Swatch is a girl who loves color. She loves it so much that she decides to catch all of the colors and put them in jars.  But little did she know that colors are meant to be wild and not kept locked up.  When she releases all of the colors from their jars, an amazing masterpiece is born.  We love this book so so much!  You can purchase it here!

Well there you have it, our 10 must-have books right now.  I hope you add them to your bookish collection, you won't regret having them around!

Nikkee <3