Who says you are too old to follow your dreams?

I have always dreamt of writing. Being a children's book author sounded like a pretty sweet gig to me. I put it off and put it off and never really knew how to go about it. All of a sudden I was 36 years old and one day I just decided "Self, remember that dream you had of writing kids books? Ya, you should probably go ahead and do that now." So I researched and I reached out to other authors. I poured through countless children's books. I finally found a kick-butt illustrator, Shelly, and together, we decided we would do this thing ourselves. "Let's just figure it out along the way," we said. Who would have known the hours, effort, revision, sweat and tears that would be involved? Not us! It's kind of like having babies, if you really knew or remembered all the details, and the pain you go through, you probably wouldn't do it again. But then you hold that baby, and everything is worth it. I CANNOT, let me repeat, CANNOT wait for you guys to see this book and to actually sit down and read it with your kids.  

I love this quote by Beverly Cleary, because it reminds me that we can do anything we want. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort and work, but who says you can't do the things you were meant to do???