Welcome to Motherhood

There should be some sort of welcome packet that you get when you become a mom for the first time.  You know, some literature of some kind that says "Welcome to the biggest shit show of your life."  I know some of you probably won't relate to this, because you were gifted with some sort of super baby who never says no, never talks back, and always finishes their vegetables. (I hate you).  But for the rest of us, motherhood is a shit show.

I am constantly second-guessing everything I am doing for my kids, and wondering if it's the right thing, or if I'm just doing the thing I'm doing because everyone else will think I'm crazy town if I don't do it.  Yeah-stupid.  Raising kids born in different decades??  Ridiculously hard. 

I want all of the same things we all want for our kids--to grow up to be responsible, kind, generous, give-you-the-shirt-off-their-back type of humans.  But when I can't even get them to hold the door open for me, I wonder if I'm just doomed. I wonder that a lot. 

Then something unexpected happens one day.  Your 12 year old son asks you to go do something together.  Yes, the same 12 year old who mostly ignores you, and who would rather spend time with his friends, asks YOU to hang out.  And in that same day, he also kisses you on the cheek in front of those same friends whom he usually ignores you for.  And then you are reminded WHY you love motherhood so much, and how blessed you are to have a front row ticket to the shit show.  Because of moments like these.

This Mother's Day, I want every mom to remember that they are loved.  They are appreciated.  They are doing the right thing, even when it may not feel like it, because it's the best they can do.  Look for these little moments, the hints that your kids give you that you are on the right track.  Cultivate kindness with your kids, and one day, they just might surprise you....even the pouty ones.  Happy Mother's Day.


(Also, I haven't done a Petunia drawing in so so long, I almost forgot how much I love her. And when her story comes out, I think it has to be done in watercolor!)