Finding Us, Chapter 3 : Date Night Fail!!

Not gonna lie, this last week was rough.  I could see Us slipping back into some old habits and it honestly scares the shit out of me. There was less kissing, more cell phones, less talking, more tension.  It's like a cycle for Us.  I want to get the hell out of that cycle, because that hasn't worked out for Us this past year.  I'm finding more and more that it's the little things that are so important to a marriage, and when you stop doing the little things, that's when the big-ass  problems creep their way in and take a front row seat in your life.   At least that's how it's been for Us. 

Our last 2 dates were pretty amazing.  They were romantic and new and a breath of fresh air.  They were also pretty fancy-schmancy.  We got dressed up, went to nice restaurants, we were on our best behavior and that was what we needed at that time.  Time to just be together in those moments.  For this date though, I wanted to have some damn FUN!  I wanted to throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and go out and play like a kid!  We were in need of some carefree fun.  So before we headed out I lathered on one of my favorite ever essential oils, Inner Child.  It helps me to remember those feelings we all had as kids, when times were simple and stress-free.  It helps remind me that it's ok to have fun, and that not everything has to be super serious all the time. I have a hard time remembering to have fun, hence why this is one of my favorites!

For a while I have been trying to think of new ways to talk with Him about things that we don't talk about on a daily basis.  Sometimes our conversations can become so automatic because we are always talking about the same things--usually it's His work, my work, kids or bills.  Then I remembered a friend had recommended a book to me a while back.  A book about questions to get you talking about things that you probably wouldn't normally think of.  I went out and snagged the book before our date and had it in the glove box so that I could pull it out during our drive and surprise him with it.  I highly suggest getting this book or a book like it and keeping it in your car.  Next time it's just you and your person in the car, turn off the radio and just start asking each other questions from the book.  You just might learn something new about each other!

My plan for Us on this date was to go to Top Golf, a new spot in Utah where you hit golf balls at targets, play different games, eat amazing food, have some drinks and hang out listening to live music.  I was SO excited for this date.  SO excited.  Until we pulled into the parking lot and the line was out the door and down the sidewalk.  Apparently everyone else in Utah had the same exact idea because it was a 2 hour wait just to get in.  Date Night Fail!!

I have a hard time "rolling with the punches" when my heart was already set on something else, so maybe this was a lesson for me.  Thanks Universe. 

We decided instead to head downtown and eat at The Copper Onion, a place we had tried to go a couple weeks back that was recommended by a ton of people.  It was a great meal, the atmosphere was cozy and the ceviche was amazing!  Also, funny things happen after you have had a couple glasses of start to talk about crazy things, like "hey, let's go get a tattoo! Ya, that sounds like a really sound idea!"  Needless to say, we ended up at Big Deluxe Tattoo BUT they couldn't get us in that night before we had to get back home to the babies.  So, watch for that hopefully in a future chapter, I'm not letting Him get out of this one!

After it was all said and done, it was a fun night.  We talked about new things, we tried new food, we laughed like little kids about stupid random stuff, and we allowed ourselves to be silly.  In a world with so much sadness lately, Silly is good.  I recommend Silly.