Finding Us, Chapter 4 : Turning Pages

With the heaviness of emotions that have been swirling around us like a tornado, I was more than excited when the husband said we were going out this weekend--hell to the yes!!  And let me just tell you, this by far has been one of my favorite dates with my husband, probably even going back to our pre-married days.  He done good. 

Husband knows I have a slight obsession with books-picture books mostly, but my heart has a special place for all things bookish.  So being the amazing guy he is, he scoped out ahead of time some of the most quaint, adorable, idyllic books shops in Salt Lake City and made a list.  We were only able to hit 3 of them in the time that we had a sitter, but the next time you're in the neighborhood of one of these shops, I highly suggest stopping in for a peek!!

Book Store #1 The King's English Bookshop (1511 S. 1500 E.)

This little shop is a book-lover's haven!  I have heard about this store, but I don't know why I have never made a point to visit it.  Hidden to the side of this house is the most adorable outside restaurant - Trestle Tavern, which we plan to go back to for dinner sometime.  When we walked up to the bookshop I could feel it bursting with uniqueness and with my first steps inside, I knew I had been missing out!  It is split up into different rooms and sections depending on what type of book you are looking for, so everything seemed easy to find and in it's place.  I could have poured myself a cup of coffee and sat in this little corner and read for hours!

Of course my favorite section of the bookstore was the children's books!  This room was screaming my name the minute I saw it!  From the posters of children's books that lined the ceiling, to the tree house in the middle of the room, my little school-girl heart was jumping for joy inside of my grown-up body. EEEK!!

I decided that I would snag a book from each shop that I felt related to us in some way, so here was my first pick:  

There Is a Tribe of Kids is a story that reminded me of my own family in a way.  We are a tribe, we are all different, we are all doing our best with what we know, and we are all still learning.  Even us grown-up kids.  This book has some pretty fantastic illustrations too, and that's always something that draws me into a story--read it!

Book Store #2 Golden Braid Books (151 S. 500 E.)

How have I lived in Utah my whole life and not known about some of these book stores?  Apparently I need to get out more.  This bookshop is also connected to an outside restaurant- Oasis Cafe, which looked and smelled delicious, so we will be back to visit them as well.

This little book store was every bit as dreamy as the name suggests.  When we first walked inside we were hit with the smell of burning incense.  The environment was both inviting and relaxing.  This store seemed to have a very naturalistic or wholistic vibe to it.  They had a health and herb section, candles and incense, some oils and himalayan salt lamps and a space for doing psychic readings.  And tucked back in a corner of the store was the children's book section, smaller than what I had hoped, but complete with a reading nook.

My book pick from Golden Braid was The World Is Your Oyster.  It's a darling book, chuck full of watercolor illustrations and idioms from our culture to show kids that sometimes life is hard, things don't always go your way, but if you work hard and stay true to who you are, then the world can be your oyster!

Book Store #3 Eborn Books (254 S. Main Street)

Since this book shop carries mostly used and rare books, I knew it was going to have a completely different feel to it.  And I was right.  The store's air was filled with the scent of dust and old book pages, but it was charming nonetheless.  And I have never seen so many books in one place.  Rows and rows.  Stacks upon stacks.  Boxes piled on boxes.  Shelves and desks and tables just bursting with books.  I don't know what it is exactly, but there is something so calming about being surrounded by all of those stories and imagination.  Talk about a happy place!

I was pretty excited when I found an old vintage nursery rhyme book hidden in the children's book section, because it brought back so many memories of the stories and books that I remember from my childhood.  The book's cover is pretty loved and missing some of the pieces here and there, but inside, the pages were perfect.  No rips or tears or marks, just a pile of perfect vintage pages,--I can't wait to read this with the girls!

FUN FACT!  The back side of this book store is the book mural wall that I had posted a picture of last week on Facebook, so it was only fitting that we got one last shot in front of the wall before heading home.  I heart this wall so hard!

I will end with saying that I feel like things with the husband and I are taking major steps in the right direction.  We are choosing to rewrite our story a bit, but that's the amazing thing about life, isn't it?   You are your own author.  The important thing in any relationship is that you have to be willing to keep turning the pages.  If you don't like what's on that page, delete it, tear it out and rip it up! 

We get to rewrite our stories if we choose to.